Masthead: Kaweah Range

The red arrows point to the UTM marks on your USGS Topographic map. On 7 1/2 minute and 15 minute maps, the distance is 1,000 meters between ticks. The left arrow is the East-West axis: 3 86 000. On the upper right is the North-South axis: 40 41 000. The X is located at about E386500 and N4040200 (you needn't be more accurate than within 500 meters or so...).

If you have a GPS unit, you can change it from the usual Latitude/Longitude coordinates to UTM using the setup menu.

This map happens to have grids drawn on for the UTM coordinates, but not all maps do.

Note the other coordinate system, latitude and longitude, in the lower right corner of the map (longitude: 118'' 15' by latitude: 36'' 30').

For an even more detailed explanation, check out the USGS Fact Sheet on how to read UTM's.

Mt. Lyell Salamander

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Mt. Lyell Salamander
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Masthead Photo from:
Kaweahs From Trailcrest, Kings Canyon National Park
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