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General Natural History
Yosemite Nature Notes Pete Devine, Yosemite Conservancy's Resident Naturalist, has a blog about day to day park happenings along with notes and observations from the field. Check in often as he shares his decades of Yosemite experience and knowledge.
Biology of the Sierra Nevada
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A very good overview of the Sierra's biology and ecology.
USGS Western Ecological Research Center Excellent site for research papers on global climate change and biodiversity. Now includes a new feature: Ask An Expert! Send your questions to WERC scientists.
California Biodiversity Council formed in 1991 to improve coordination and cooperation between the various resource management and environmental protection organizations at federal, state, and local levels.
Center for Biodiversity Protecting endangered species and wild places through science, policy, education, and environmental law.
Kaweah Oaks Reserve A nature preserve whose primary purpose is to save the valley oaks and surrounding native plant and wildlife communities that are our natural heritage here in Tulare County, California.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Conservancy
Sequoia Parks Conservancy
Devil's Postpile National Monument
Inyo National Forest
Sequoia National Forest
Sierra Foothill Conservancy a land trust dedicated to the preservation of open space and traditional land uses threatened by the rapid urbanization in the foothills of Fresno and Madera Counties
UC Berkeley Links to Natural History Education Sites
CalPhoto Online database of plant & animal photos.
On-line Wildlife Research Publications Online publications of the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Research Station, Redwood Sciences Laboratory, Arcata, CA.


Report Wildlife Observations
Another important web site that's just started is "where you can record what you see in nature, meet other nature lovers, and learn about the natural world." This innovative site allows everyone to record their natural history observations (critters, interesting plants etc.), have it located on a Google map and even link your observation to a Flikr photo, if available. As observation numbers grow, this site also has the potential to make a major contribution to knowledge of species distribution. It's an outstanding resource for the amateur naturalist, schools and even professionals.

California Bighorn Sheep Foundation Recently listed as endangered.
Carnivores U.C. Berkeley carnivores web site
Rodents U.C. Berkeley rodent web site
Fisher From the Center for Biological Diversity's application seeking endangered status with USF&W for the Fisher. A good paper on range and status of the Fisher (PDF format).

Reptiles & Amphibians
Dr. Roland Knapp's Frog Blog. This is an excellent blog written by a scientist about his work at the Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab on frogs and amphibians. Subscribe to the RSS Feed to automatically find when new essays are posted. Roland's blog is part of a larger Nature Blog Network. Check that out for links to other excellent science writing by people actually doing primary research.
Amphibia Web Amphibia Web is an online resource for people concerned with the declining amphibian problem.
Sierra Nevada Aquatic Research Lab   SNARL provides a modern laboratory and experimental stream complex that promotes and encourages scientific research all year long.

Audubon Society
Field Guide to the Birds of the Sierra Nevada Project NatureSong has been recording the sounds of nature for over 23 years.  All of our nature sounds are continuous, natural sounds of nature and birdsongs recorded live on location.


NPS Geodiveristy Atlas of Yosemite National Park
USGS Geology and Hydrology of Yosemite National Park

Environmental Education and History
Begun in Yosemite 30 years ago, YI has expanded to several campuses in California and Washington. They have great environmental education courses for teachers and schools.
CREEC The California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network is an educational project whose mission is:To develop a communication network which provides educators with access to High Quality environmental education resources to enhance the environmental literacy of California Students. Searchable by subject or county.
Yosemite Online Library 
An excellent source for online text of books, old documents and maps of Yosemite.

Provides a centralized reliable source for current information and recent news about the 28 designated Wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada. Help people plan their next wilderness visit, from brainstorming ideas through leaving the trailhead with everything you’ll need for a safe, enjoyable, responsible trip

Sierra Nevada Network Inventory and Monitoring Program The Sierra Nevada Network (SIEN) is comprised of Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and Devils Postpile National Monument. Along with all 270 national parks participating in this inventory and monitoring effort, the Sierra Nevada Network has begun a long-term plan to:

  • Complete a basic inventory of the natural resources of our parks.
  • Create scientific strategies to monitor these natural resources.
  • Apply scientific information gained from the Inventory and Monitoring program to National Park Service planning strategies.
GIS Data Maps of the Sierra from the SNEP Report

Mono Basin Clearinghouse An excellent source for research reports and updates on the progress of restoring Mono Lake.Many links to other Sierra resources and GIS Data.
Mono Lake Web Site Good selection of natural history books; history and progress of restoring Mono Lake to it's pre-diversion ecology; research article on Mono Basin AND current temperature and lake level.

Central Sierra Environmental Resources Center CSERC defends 2,000,000 acres of the central region of the Sierra Nevada against a wide range of environmental threats.

Maps & Data
California Gap Analysis The California Gap Analysis Project is publishing a CD-ROM to provide you with a handy way to obtain the entire GIS database, final report, and an interactive atlas of California's biodiversity.
Center for Biological Diversity Protecting endangered species and wild places of western North America and the Pacific through science, policy, education, and environmental law.
Geographic Information Systems An explanation of GIS and links to data sets from ESRI, publishers of the GIS software ArcView.

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